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List Of Amphibian Breeds - Everything You Should Know About Your Frog - Toad, Salamander, Amphibian Breeds A To Z


list of amphibians, toads, and salamanders

Amphibian (Frog, Toad, & Salamanders) Breeds List -

Frogs and other amphibians can be colorful and fascinating pets to have. There are a huge variety of frogs and amphibians. Some are easy to care for, and can be a great choice for beginners who have never owned a frog before. Others can be fragile, delicate, expensive, and require a lot of complicated care needs. Make sure you are allowed to have certain frogs as pets, where you live. Some endangered or poisonous species require you to possess a licence to keep them in captivity. Learn more about different amphibians and their specific requirements.

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