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If you have ever lost something very important to you, you know how upsetting it can be. Take that feeling and multiply it by a hundred. That is how it feels to lose a pet that you have loved and cared for. Missing a pet can be a terrifying, and heartbreaking experience. Do you have a pet that has gone missing? Have you found a cat or a dog that may belong to someone else? Please use our lost and found directory to help reunite any missing pet with their family. Many pets have found their way back home, even months after being reported lost. One important thing to watch out for, is pet recovery scams. Be wary of people requesting money before returning your pet. Ask them specific questions first.

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Lost And Found Pets Quick Tips. My Pet Is Lost, What Should I Do?

Your first step is to search your house carefully. Your pet may be hiding in the basement, behind the furniture, or simply sleeping under a bed. When you are sure that your pet is not in your home, your next step is to contact your local animal shelters, and animal control agencies. Call your local police if you feel, or have the suspicion that your pet may have been stolen. Search the neighborhood, preferably on foot. Take a photograph of your pet with you to help others identify him/her. Place a "lost" or a "found" ad. Post them anywhere you are allowed to. Use our website, craigslist, FB, and other lost and found pet websites. Ask your friends to share your "lost pet" or "found pet" flyer on their social network, and to pass on the info to anyone they can. Don't quit searching. Keep the faith!


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