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Nowadays, pet owners expect the highest quality of medical care for their animals. This demand has created an increased need for veterinarians, and animal care service workers. If you love animals, and feel quite comfortable working with them, a career option as a veterinarian or animal care tech is something you should definitely consider. There are many career choices in the veterinary science field. You can choose to become an accredited veterinarian, an obedience trainer, pet groomer, a veterinary technologist or technician. You can also choose to become a marine mammal trainer that specializes in working with a specific type of marine mammal such as dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions. They all play a vital role in the health and well being of animals and domestic pets.

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In general, whether you choose to be a veterinarian, or a trainer for dolphins, dogs, or cats, you will find here well established schools that offer courses you can take either online or offline. Learn more about the training programs, and degree options offered by these schools. Find a training package that fit your budget. Compare accredited veterinarian colleges, and other pet trainer schools with specialized programs that offer extensive training.

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